Winter Cleaning Tips

With Christmas out of the way and after dealing with friends / family coming and going throughout the holidays, if you’re like me you might not be able or want to wait till April to start the annual spring clean. Another school of thought is that if you are stuck inside anyway because of the cold, you may as well get stuck in to some winter cleaning!

If the state of your house is starting to get you down, we’ve collected a collection of tips from our cleaners to help you get your home back to what it was before the madness began.

Winter Cleaning Tips

  1. Winter is the season for cleaning windows – One of our favourites and one that was mentioned several times was that windows love being cleaned on cloudy and cool days. If you clean your windows in the winter they’ll dry streak free as the water takes longer to dry. Washing windows in summer causes rapid evaporation, a major reason behind streaky windows!
  2. Always clean from top to bottom of any room, there’s no reason to clean things twice.
  3. As curtains and drapes can take a long time to dry, especially on cold wet days, go over them with a hoover until warmer times. The brush attachment will help get into the fibres, adding to the clean. If you have particularly large curtains you may want to take them down, put some heavy books on the corners and hoover them as if they were rugs!
  4. An easy tip is to not forget about your dishwasher. Even with regular use dishwashers can get a bit smelly and forgotten about, don’t worry we all presume they clean themselves, add a cup of white vinegar and a generous teaspoon of baking soda to an empty wash. The chrome will go back to sparkling again and will help keep your glasses clean in future washes too.Winter Cleaning Tips - Clean it!
  5. Although you may not be able to put the sheets outside just yet there’s no reason to not give your bed a good clean, after all there’s nothing quite like staying in bed when it’s cold outside. Hoover all around the edges and underneath if possible. Hoover the mattress itself (both sides!) and flip over at the same time turning it 180 degrees, hoovering the divan as well if you have one.
  6. As you may have received a variety of lovely smelling odds and ends, as well as makeup over the holidays, post-new year is a great time to go through your bathroom cupboards throwing out any old, or empty, perfumes, make ups, aftershaves or anything else you don’t use any more. You may even discover things you didn’t know you had! It’s a great start instead of just pushing them in at the front.

If you’re stuck inside and are getting fed up with the mess that has accumulated over the past few weeks hopefully our winter cleaning tips have done just the trick to get you motivated an give you pointers on where to begin.

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