Ways to Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning can be sooooo boring! It seems to take up so much time; time you could be spending relaxing or playing with the kids. The thing is, it’s got to be done. So what can you do to make it more fun? Here are some great ways to make cleaning fun and it will change the way you clean forever.

Speed Cleaning Tips & Tricks to get you started!

Ways to Make Cleaning Fun…

Number 1Get the family involved

Gone are the days when the mother does all the cleaning. Why not try and get the whole family involved? Either pick out of a hat which room each person has to do, or split the work between each of you e.g. you may be better at polishing and your partner may be better at hovering. Work out a system that works for you. With your children you could set up a pocket money reward system if they clean their room and another room in the house. Remember it’s not child labour; the younger your kids start, the more you are equipping them for an independent future. Spend time explaining what to do and how to use the equipment; children love to get involved, to be made to feel important and to learn (even helping with laying the table and washing up). Your attitude towards housework will effect theirs, so if you remain positive and enthusiastic, they will pick up on that.


2 CompMake it a race

This is one of the best ways to make cleaning fun and to get the job done as fast as possible. Each take a room and try and beat the other person’s time. Again the kids will love this as they love a competition! Try and get it all done within half an hour and then inspect each room to see who the winner is. Make a reward for that person- choccy/film choice for the kids, relaxing bath/glass of vino for the adults… whatever! Half an hour and the house can be finished, then you can relax for the rest of the week.


3 CompPump up the music

Chuck on some of your favourite tunes and get the whole family dancing and cleaning. If you chose more upbeat numbers you will work faster and will bring a positive vibe to the house.


4 CompCleaning the floors-skating time!

Steam cleaners have definitely reduced the pain of washing the floors! But you can add a little more fun by getting everyone to glide along the floor using two old towels; drying the floor and practicing your skating moves all at once.


5 CompExercise and Clean

Why not kill two birds with one stone and strap on some ankle weights? Exercising and cleaning is another one of those great ways to make cleaning fun; you save time not having to go to the gym and you know you are doing your body some good. You could also wear a pedometer to measure your steps- this will give you an even more positive attitude towards cleaning when you see how many steps you’ve done. And how many calories you’ve burned.

6 CompCreate a cleaning bin

When you sweep through the house removing rubbish and clutter put a cleaning bin in the middle of the room and get everyone to aim their rubbish in the bin. The room will be tidy in no time!


7 compChat on the phone

If you are cleaning on your own why not give a friend a ring and chat to them on speaker phone at the same time? This is one of the best ways to make cleaning fun as you get to catch up with friends whilst cleaning; saving precious time.


8 compFilm and laundry

There is nothing worse than having a huge pile of laundry to fold and iron. I personally don’t iron most of my clothes, but I know people who iron EVERYHING! Well make this fun too- put on your favourite film or TV show whilst doing it. It will make the experience waaay more enjoyable and you will get the job done in no time at all.


Well there are just a few ways to make cleaning fun! If you’ve got any more ideas why not incorporate those into your cleaning schedule too? Ask your family for more ideas. Maybe they will suggest getting a cleaner, in that case give us a call! But I hope you have a go at these tips; they really will make cleaning more fun for you and all the family.