Pet Friendly Domestic Cleaning Services

Clean it! is a proud provider of pet friendly domestic cleaning services in most of the areas we cover.

If you are like us your pet is likely your best friend, even if they are a little messy, and deserves the highest level of service possible. Many of our professional cleaners are pet owners themselves and understand the issues many pets might have with cleaners giving their house a quick clean.

As Clean it! supplies the same cleaner on a regular basis this helps to minimise the potential stress our furry friends might endure. Many of our cleaners have been visiting the same home for years and as such have become friends with even the most nervous of pets!

To arrange your pet friendly clean, contact your local Clean it! agent.

Examples of Pet Friendly Domestic Cleaning Services provided*:

  • Cleaning of mucky stains and accidents
  • Cleaning of paw prints and runny noses on windows / doors
  • Hair removal from furniture and carpets

Unlike some cleaning services that involves pets, Clean it! cleaners will only use pet friendly cleaning methods to dislodge issues you may have. Meaning you can be assured your pet is in the best of care, even after our cleaners have left and your pet is checking over the work we have completed. If you do have any worries or special requirements for your pet please let your local agent know accordingly and further amendments can be made.

Clean it! is proud to be pet friendly, so much so some of our management even take their dogs to work at head office! Just look at Harry, who happens to be the newest addition to the team.

Pet Friendly Domestic Cleaning Service

* These are just examples of our pet friendly domestic cleaning services covered, we cover most of the additional requests we receive. If you require anything additional please get in touch with your local agent.

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