How to Spring Clean Your Living Room

This is the second article in the series of ‘how to clean your house’ in preparation for the first day of spring on Friday (tomorrow). We’ve already looked at the kitchen and now it’s time to start tackling the main room of the house- the living room. Now this room probably gets tidied more than any other room – that’s because it’s used most by the whole family (and can easily become a daily dumping ground for all sorts of things).  But it probably has been neglected a real deep spring clean in a long while. So let’s get going and sort that living room out.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services - Clean it! How to Spring Clean Your Living Room.

Number 1Tidy up. The first step in how to spring clean your living room is to simply tidy up any mess lying around. File those loose papers, stack the magazines, and put away stray shoes and whatever else is lying around.


2 CompDe-odour the carpet. If you have a full carpet or even a rug it is a good idea to clean and de-odourise it. You can do one of two options- use a carpet steam cleaner (hire if you don’t have one) or you can use bicarbonate of soda. If you are going to use a steam cleaner do this after step 5. Carefully sprinkle the bicarb over the carpet and leave on for a few minutes (or until we come to hovering in step 5).


3 CompDust from the top to bottom. Use a feather duster and get down all those cobwebs on the ceiling and lampshade. Now dust from top to bottom. Then to go the extra mile in how to spring clean your living room, get a bucket of warm soapy water and wash the walls, lampshade, shelves, door frames, picture frames, even your leather sofa. Anything that has collected dust- wipe it. You can dry things off with a clean tea towel or quality kitchen roll.


4 CompTreat your wood. If you have any wooden items they may need a little tender loving care. Depending on how it’s treated, use wax or pledge and give them a good polish. This will help to remove obvious scratches and will give the wood a new lease of life.


5 CompHoover up that dust and dirt. This is the fifth step in how to spring clean your living room. Hoover up all that dust and bicarbonate of soda and the carpet should smell fresh and look spotless. If you have a steam cleaner, use it now. For any stubborn stains use Vanish stain remover- it’s fantastic!


6 CompWindows and mirrors. Here is another tip on how to spring clean you living room- just like you did in the bathroom, make your own excellent window cleaner by combining 2 tbsp. ammonia, ½ cup rubbing alcohol and a ¼ tsp. of dishwashing liquid. Mix in an empty spray bottle and spray on the windows and mirrors. To dry them off use newspaper instead of towels or paper. Your windows will be clear and streak free!


7 compWash the floor. This is the final tip in how to spring clean your living room. You may have areas where you have bare flooring- wash these areas with a steam cleaner or a cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. If you have a log-burning fire you may want to wash this down a few times (as it will be covered in soot!).


And you are all done! The living room will be spotless and dust free. Your house is only two days away from being spotless for springtime. Come back next Tuesday when we will show you how to spring clean your bathroom.