How to Remove Pet Odours

We all know that owning a pet can be one of the greatest sources of enjoyment but as any pet owner will know, they can make a house rather smelly especially if your dog has recently taken a swim in a river, lake or even just been out in the rain. After realising that my own house was starting to smell a bit too much like my pet dog, Harry (the orange guy below), our cleaners have put together their list of how to remove pet odours form your house.

How to Remove Pet Odours

Number 1Go and buy some baking soda (lots of it) – Baking soda is the greatest tool in your arsenal in the war againstRemove Pet Odours - Harry the smelly dog pet odours. Although it does not smell it has some of the best odour neutralising benefits and isn’t harmful to the vast majority of fabrics, humans or pets.

2 CompBefore using baking soda on any of the smelly ‘hotspots’ test them on the fabrics. Sprinkle a small amount in an inconspicuous area of your rugs, carpets and furniture. After leaving for 10-15minutes vacuum or wipe clean.

3 CompHas your pet had an accident? Sprinkle baking soda all over the urine then dab up with a towel. After removing as much of the urine as possible from the floor sprinkle more baking soda over what is left, leave to dry and then vacuum to remove pet odours. Make sure you clean any animal accident thoroughly, you may not be able to smell it but with the heightened sense of smell cats and dogs enjoy, any wiff of urine will encourage them to try their luck again on the carpet.

4 CompIf you have a cat you can add a base layer of baking soda to the bottom of their litter tray. Although many cats are very finicky about where they do their business most will not mind a small amount being added to the base of the tray, this will greatly reduce their odours.

5 CompMake an odour neutralising fabric spray. Although this spray does not have any scent, it will create a base from which to start adding your favourite smells through potpourri or incense sticks. Grab a fine mist spray bottle and fill with one teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Wait for the foaming to stop (remember to leave the lid off or you may be in for a shock) and add two cups of water. Spray a fine mist into the air throughout your home and near furniture helping to remove pet odours.

How to Remove Pet Odours - Jax the even smellier dog - Clean it!6 CompClean everything associated with your pet regularly. If your cat/dog has any favourite toys wash them once a fortnight or even more regularly to remove pet odours from them. Check any of your pet’s favourite toys for rips before sticking in the washing machine as it could be the death of their favourite stuffed animal (not to mention your washing machine). If there are rips gently wash in the sink with a small quantity of biological washing powder or washing up liquid (test to see if you pet has sensitive skin), if the tear looks dangerous / a choking hazard then you may have to throw it out. Whilst washing toys wash all bedding and throws they like sitting on. As a final tip nothing is quite as smelly as an unclean food bowl, wash it the same way you clean your plates as you wouldn’t leave them for weeks and expect them not to smell.

Hopefully our cleaners have given you some top tips on how to remove pet odours and keep them at bay for the considerable future!

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