How to Quickly Clean Your Home

Did you know it’s the Queen’s birthday today? Happy birthday Elizabeth! If she was to make an impromptu visit how would your house fair? We have got some cleaning tips on how to quickly clean your home – fit for a queen… 

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  1. Go through the living room and kitchen and do a general tidy-up. Store away stray shoes, stack messy magazines and put away any dishes and things cluttering surfaces. A tidy house is guaranteed to make an instant difference and in five minutes you can quickly transform your home.


  1. The next step in how to quickly clean your home is to polish the living room (and other rooms like front room, landing and stairs). This will not only remove the dust but make the living room smell really clean- I love using Pledge. Remember to start from the top and work your way down, not forgetting lightshades and picture frames.


  1. Wipe around the kitchen surfaces with kitchen spray or disposable wipes. Don’t forget the oven! Replace any old hand and tea towels with clean ones.


  1. Give the bathroom a freshen-up. Spray the shower and leave if soak whilst you clean the toilet and sink, then go back and clean the shower last. Replace any old towels and flannels with new ones and chuck the old ones in the laundry.


  1. Hoover through from top to bottom. If you have a wireless hoover you’ll will get through this in record time! This is definitely a top tip in how to quickly clean your home.


  1. Mop the kitchen floor. This is the most dreaded of jobs; one people dread from week to week. Just get it done, just like ripping off a band aid. If you’ve got a steam cleaner all the better- they are easy to use and get the job done in super quick time.


  1. Light a candle or use air freshener to make the house smell extra clean.


You are pretty much done! And that’s how to clean your house in super quick time! So if you get any impromptu visits from guests (hopefully not the Queen), then your house will be perfectly presented. But don’t tell them it didn’t take that long- that’s our little secret.