How to Clean the House for Your Parents

Did you know today is Parent’s Day? Parents are great; they feed you, look after you, and love you, so why not show a little love in return? Why not give the house a clean and really treat them today? Arriving home after a long day at work and finding the house spotless would be the best gift you could ever give them! So read these tips on how to clean the house for your parents…

 How to Clean the House for your Parents:How to Clean the House for your Parents - Clean it!

  1. Music motivation. The first thing you should do before starting a scrap of cleaning is to pump up the music! The lively atmosphere will help you clean faster.
  2. If you’ve got brothers and sisters get them involved too- many hands make light work.
  3. Sweep through- Go through the living room and kitchen and do a general tidy-up. Store away stray shoes, stack messy magazines and put away any dishes and things cluttering surfaces.
  4. Polish the living room. This will not only remove the dust but make the living room smell really clean- I love using Pledge or furniture wipes. Remember to start from the top and work your way down, not forgetting lightshades and picture frames.
  5. The 5th tip in how to clean the house for your parents is to wipe around the kitchen surfaces with kitchen spray or disposable wipes. Don’t forget the oven! Replace any old hand and tea towels with clean ones.
  6. Give the bathroom a freshen-up. Spray the shower and leave if soak whilst you empty the bin and clean the toilet and sink, then go back and clean the shower last. Replace any old towels and flannels with new ones and chuck the old ones in the laundry.
  7. Hoover through from top to bottom. If you have a wireless hoover you’ll will get through this in record time! And it is a top tip for how to clean the house for your parents as it really makes a difference to the overall finish of the room.
  8. Mop the kitchen floor. This will definitely be appreciated the most. This is one of the worst jobs ever; it is the House Cleaning? - Contact Clean it!job everyone dreads from week to week. If you mop the floor you will be guaranteed to be the best son or daughter EVER. If you’ve got a steam cleaner all the better- they are easy to use and get the job done in super quick time. Dry the floor by glide across the wet surface standing on 2 old towels- this will stop dirt on shoes becoming muddy on the floor.
  9. A great touch in how to clean the house for your parents is to light a candle or use air freshener to make the house smell extra clean. Make sure your parents are happy for you to do this.
  10. Place a vase of flowers on the kitchen table. If you want to save money why not pick some from the garden or from your local public footpath? Just check you don’t pick your mother’s favourite flowers!

You are pretty much done! And that’s how to clean the house for your parents. They will be over the moon, not only with the transformed house, but the fact that they don’t have to come home from work to clean. Why not try it? Forget the present this year, clean the house instead.

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