Tips for cleaning with lemons!

Eco Friendly Cleaning with Lemons!

(Psssssssst – you can use limes too!) Take a long hard look at your fruit bowl and you’ll probably find a browning banana, discoloured apple and a slightly shrivelled lemon. Who’d have thought that little yellow fruit could be the solution to your household cleaning problems?! Learning how to start cleaning with lemons will help

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of those materials that just seems to collect mystery stains, whether it is your sink in the kitchen, your taps in bathroom or even your shower head. Stainless? I think not! No matter if mucky hand prints, oil marks or stubborn stains our cleaners have collected their favourite tips and tricks to

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How to Clean a house in under an hour

How to Clean a House in under an Hour

With all of our lives being a mad rush these days we often don’t have the time to give our houses the proper clean they deserve due to time restraints. Knowing that Clean it! has some of the most efficient and effective cleaners in the industry we thought we’d ask them their tips on how

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How to Keep your Kitchen Clean whilst Cooking

Many of us suffer from a real issue whilst cooking, the problem of keeping the kitchen even slightly clean whilst making a basic meal. Although if you are like me and constantly have to remind your significant other that ‘messy cooks are the best cooks’ we have brought some top ‘clean whilst you go’ cleaning

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Tips for Decluttering your home

Most of us can all put our hands up and admit that we own things we shouldn’t and that our houses may be a bit messy because of it. If you have to tip-toe around your house to avoid stepping on plugs, toys and everything else then this article will likely be just up your

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Cleaning for Dogs - Clean it!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Dogs

As the Sun seems to be starting to set later and later each day it’s getting to that point where all of us are considering having a deep spring clean. As with any dog owner, like myself, we can often find that having a dog means a few extra scrubs and washes to make sure

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